Services & Fees

1. Astrology – Energy Exchange INR 1050/- for 45 minutes of consultation over the phone.
2. Vaastu OnSite – Rs. 15/- per sq ft + extras
3. Vaastu OffSite – Rs. 5/- per Sq ft
4. Astro Reiki to heal the culprit planet, sign, house, planetary combination.
Rs. 50/- per day for minimum 21 days (15 minutes)
5. Vaastu Reiki to heal the area of your property which is disturbed.
Rs. 50/- per day for minimum 21 days (15 minutes)
6. Supply of Energized/Attuned AromaOil/ Pyramid / Crystal
At cost, depends on item, quantity, distance
7. Energizing of any gemstone/yantra/rudraksh/talismaan etc. from long distance
Rs. 1000/- per item. (3 days only)
Mail me for more details on the service
Call – WhatsApp-Paytm : 9925171291
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The Energy Exchange for your PRICELESS diagnosis is INR 1050/- OR an equivalent in foreign currency, to talk on the phone for maximum 45 minutes.

You know its Rikhav Khimasia you are talking to, not someone in a call centre, who is paid per minute of talking and creates minutes for his company, himself and the mobile operator.
Pure Ethical astrology, astrology as it was meant to be.
He is good at Diagnosis of your problem (that is what he charges for) and then as he knows the root cause, he is the best one to do the remedy, be it Reiki or Energized/Attuned/Shaktipaat items (Aroma Oil/Pyramid/Crystals etc.)
                                                                                                                                       -Shiv Rathi
He has got more than 3000 likes on his facebook page (Karma & Astrology). All Organic likes No like is Paid for.
From 2012 till 2018, in 6 years, 3000 like and 3200 followers of the FB page, indicates Rikhav has some mettle. –  Kanta Savla (Navi Mumbai)