Corporate Astrology Series – Mercury

Corporate Astrology Series – Mercury


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Mercury, the fastest moving planet after Moon. Almost with the same speed as Venus.


What does it signify in Corporate Astrology?


All businesses related to language, logic, communication, green coloured products, travelling, tours, brokerages of anything, commission, dealership, mediation, printing, publishing, books, stationary, marketing, selling.


Law, lawyers, everyone and every function tht has to do with law, solicitors, treaties, come udr the purview of Mercury.


Accounts, accountants, the profession of accounting as a whole, also comes under Mercury.


Computing, software, internet, commodities relates to these all come under Mercury.


If you are in these businesses then you have a prominent or dominant mercury in your natal horoscope.


If you are successful in these businesses then your corporate horoscope has a prominent, well placed mercury, well aspected maybe, if a failure, its otherwise.


Any company which has a strong selling, marketing department, good negotiation, it has a strong Mercury, companies weak in such areas and thus facing turn over issues, misunderstandings, miscommunication and the like have weak Mercury.


If Northern direction, especially centre North of your premises right from Office, your personal office in your corporate office, the registered office, factory is disturbed you face issues about Mercury too.


To have your corporate horoscope read and rectify the problems as well as to understand how to practically manage planet, contact me on 9925171291.


Wishing you good luck

God’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia

(Corporate Astrology & Corporate Vaastu)



Fees Rs. 10000/- for Corporate Astrology, Rs. 25000/- for Vaastu (no visit). Vaastu Visit at Rs. 15/- per feet subject to Rs. 25000/- and travelling, lodging boarding extra.


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