Mars and Corporate Astrology Self Diagnosis Series Part 3

Mars and Corporate Astrology Self Diagnosis Series Part 3


The Earlier ones on Sun and Moon are at the following links, if you wish to read on the same.


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All this and more will be discussed and personal corporate queries based on your company’s horoscope will be discussed in the Corporate Astrology group.


Do WhatsApp me on 9925171291 for details on the Corporate Astrology group.


So here we go.


Mars in Corporate / Management Astrology has more to do with manufacturing, fire, electricity, combustion, production department, engineering department, production staff. The drive for success and achievement in the management, the production division and the like.



The young staff is also controlled by Mars in corporate Astrology.


Now, when firms have a strong or positive Mars receiving positive aspects all these functions in the companies will do well, otherwise there may be issues, troubles in these areas.


Companies dealing in manufacturing sectors as a whole, more so ones that have to do more with engineering, heat, chemicals, arms, ammunition, bricks, fire, explosives, furnaces, copper, kilns, fertilizers, refractories, foundaries, distilleries, energy, machines, energy generation industry, machineries in general, welding and its related industry, hardwares in general, almost all metals in general, detergents, plastics, construction industry as a whole in general, building materials in specific, railways, petrochemical industry in general, chillies, masoor, red coloured products, gains, mud, etc. Surgery profession, medical profession, electricity, electric wires, electric components, armed forces, police personnel in general and field police in specific, army in specific, have somehow a strong or dominant Mars, but if they are not doing well then probably Mars is weak or definitely something else in the horoscope is weak.


Do get your company’s horoscope checked and get practical suggestions alongwith Astrological remedies to help yourself and your company.


Wishing you good luck

God’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia

(Corporate Astrology & Corporate Vaastu)



Fees Rs. 10000/- for Astrology, Rs. 25000/- for Vaastu (no visit). Vaastu Visit at Rs. 15/- per feet subject to Rs. 25000/- and travelling, lodging boarding extra.



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