Chandrayaan 2 Mission – Astro Analysis

Chandrayaan 2 Mission – Astro Analysis


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Chart of Chadrayaan 2 Mission Launch


DOB – 22nd July 2019

TOB – 14:43 Hours

POB – Sriharikota (India)

(Click on the below link to see the chart)

Chandrayaan 2 mission


Primafacie Astro Analysis:


Notice the grand trine and that too the applying grand trine of Moon to Mars, Moon to Jupiter and Mars to Jupiter.


Here, Moon is the lord of the ninth house of bhagya-fortune, Mars is the lord of Ascendant of the chart, the leader of the whole event, the mission and the bearer of success and failure after the lord of the 10th house. Jupiter is the lord of the fifth house of Purva Punya.


Notice that Mars the ascendant lord is in the house of Moon, Moon is in the house of Jupiter and Jupiter is in the house of Mars, this is called exchange of houses, fortifying each planet and house the exchange takes place with, more over the exchange is amongst the lords of the trines forming a grand trine, bearing success eventually.


The Main mission is to find water on Moon, at the South Pole. The planet Moon is significator of Water, it is involved in this chart and is positively involved.


So success shall be there.


But as the ascendant lord is debilitated and combust, there may be initial failure, but with the aspect of Jupiter on Mars, wisdom and foresight by our scientists will help.


In this chart, we have Mars, Mercury, Venus combust and Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn retrograde, not good indicators of easy success (though success is never easy).


Combust planets are weak, retrograde ones are too inwardly focused. Let look at Mercury in this Chandrayaan 2 Mission chart.


Deeply combust and retrograde, it began its retrogression on 8th July, became combust on 15th July (the first planned day of launch), it will be combust till 29th July and retrograde till 1st August. In this date range, the Yaan may face communication issues, loses touch completely and a couple of apparatus may be lost due to chemicals, reaction, fire or electric issues.


After 2nd August these matters of communication will be solved or may not be much of a hindrance.


Debilitated and Combust Mars indicates a lot of trouble n the electrical wiring, weakness on the technology front (hard technology), metals, issues related to fires, chemical, burning due to reactions, plastic catching fire in the yaan, leading to a major shutdown and possible failure of the mission, it is possible because Mars is the lord of the Ascendant of the Mission Launch chart and it becoming debilitated and combust, thus very weak, makes it powerless to lend support, its like the weak and ill commander-in-chief of the army, what can it do? Other than lead to malfunctions and accidents? Moreover Mars here is the lord of the Ascendant Sign Scorpio, its negative sign, the sign of mystery, accidents and lost legacies.


Venus does not play a major role here and Saturn retrograde as the lord of the third house of communication again indicates problems with communication due to wind or storms either here on Earth or there on Moon.


Jupiter retrograde in the ascendant lends weak foresight and use of less wisdom in this whole episode from day 1.


All this bears a lot of bad news for the mission.


Still we need to be positive and finally find a way out and see success in the main mission of finding water on Moon through probably by a wise lady.


The primary objectives of Chandrayaan-2 are to demonstrate the ability to soft-land on the lunar surface and operate a robotic rover on the surface.



Both the above objectives are issues of Mars and Saturn.


Landing and operating (driving) are Mars oriented matters and the Surface is Saturn.


We are looking at hard accidents while landing causing loss of communication equipment (Mercury), fire (Mars).


Scientific goals include studies of lunar topography, mineralogy, elemental abundance, the lunar exosphere,


These are Mars and Saturn subjects, mainly Saturn, the results may not be satisfactory or delayed or confusing or nothing of importance may be found, this is the first impression by the retrogression of Saturn but, retrogression also means highly deep inwards, indicating such findings that could exponentially be fully out of expectations in the later dates lead due to further research on the (not so important findings observed initially).


and signatures of hydroxyl and water ice.[46]


This is about water or water based chemicals, which will be probably in abundance or have indications of being in abundance if chemical reactions are done on this liquid.


The orbiter will map the lunar surface and help to prepare 3D maps of it.


This is Mercury and Saturn, may not be much successful here.


The onboard radar will also map the surface while studying the water ice in the south polar region and thickness of the lunar regolith on the surface.[47]


Saturn again, delayed confusing results.


Chandrayaan-2 will inform the location and abundance of lunar water for exploitation by the future lunar base proposed by the Artemis program.


Lunar water will be found, if not in much abundance, but of adequate quantity to make this mission successful.


The indications of finding water are high as the ascendant is in a watery sign, the triplicity lords Moon, Mars, Jupiter are lords of the watery signs each placed in watery sign.


Summarily, initial glitches, shutdown or delay or slowdown, later success, grand success.


Rikhav Khimasia

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