Moon in Corporate Astrology

Moon in Corporate Astrology


In my last article (Self Diagnosis of your Company through Astrology (Sun)) available at the following link,


I had mentioned problems which may be faced if Sub is evil/weak/afflicted etc., in your company’s horoscope.


In my series on corporate asrology and vaastu, today we will know something about the role of Moon in corporate Astrology.


Moon mainly controls the mind, peace, calm, publicity, public image, customers, clients, distribution network, cargo transport, shipping businesses, liquids in general, women i general, white coloured objects in general. General merchandise, international trade, International relations, super markets, departmental stores, courier, petroleum, grains, public places, hotels, restaurants, catering, water, water based businesses, agriculture, dairy, dairy products, fishery, glass, silver.


If you are in the above businesses or your company is in these businesses, you must have awell placed, strong, well aspected moon in your or your company’s chart. If not, success in these fields may be difficult or through a lot of hardship and struggle.


Companies having a negative, evil, hard aspected, weak moon usually face a malefic public image and whatever they do, the image created is always negative. Such companies usually have a bigger budget for Publicity.


The overall peace of mind, mental calmness of the senior management in such companies is usually disturbed, the women workforce too is  either mostly ill, weak, less skilled, non co-operative and these companies cannot get out much benefit from women and ladies.


The logistics, distribution, transport part of the business too is ill effected and less productive.


If you are facing such issues continually in your business, get an Astrological and Vaastu Audit done for your company.


Get remedy suggestion or the BhojPatra remedies themselves to assure arresting such future loss and troubles and increasing the potential for success.


Astrology Fees for Individual Rs. 5000/-for Company Rs. 10000/-

Vaastu fees (without site visit based on plan)Rs. 25000/-

Vaastu fees (with site visit) Rs. 15/- per SqFeet subject to Rs. 25000/- minimum and lodging boarding travelling charges extra


Remedies will be suggested but with years of experience, the best remedies will be BhojPatra remedies invoked as per the following article.


With Love Light and God’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia






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