Corporate Astrology Afflicted Sun (possible problems)

In my last article (Self Diagnosis of your Company through Astrology (Sun)) available at the following link,


I had mentioned problems which may be faced if Sub is evil/weak/afflicted etc., in your company’s horoscope.


Following are a few examples of how certain planetary combinations with Sun may cause which kind of special issues in addition to the general ones as mentioned in the article.


Surya-Mangal Angarak Dosh

The Sun and Mars both happen to be the planets which represent the fire element and are very hot it in their composition. Thus, the combination of both these planets results into excessive aggression, a bad temperament, arrogance, heat-related problems and such other issues. There will be a tendency to pick up fights with people for even petty matters and others may perceive your management staff as highly egoistic. Though your senior management staff may possess good leadership skills, they may be dominating in thier approach, and this may cause problems in relationships in general.


In corporate parlance it relates to the senior management staff as well, everyone being hasty and thus clumsy in work making mistakes, a lot many strikes of labour force, Government authorities getting humiliated much often and you or your staff too getting humiliated and thus angry a lot more often, leading to less success, growth and other things.



Surya-Shani Shapit Dosh

The Sun signifies success and fame and its adversary – Saturn represents delays and obstacles in life. When these two planets of contrasting ideologies are in conjunction in a Chart, then the company/business has to encounter a lot of challenges and struggles. Success may not be entirely denied due to this combination, but there will be too many delays and testing situations in daily business routine and major milestones when Sun will be afflicted/weak/challenged in its transit.



Surya-Rahu Grahan Dosh

The Sun is the planet which stands for all things grand and majestic, and on the other hand, Rahu – the shadowy planet, which is the top-ranked malefic, signifies the dark and unfortunate areas of life. Due to this combination, you may experience a lot of troubles and hassles at the workplace, or misunderstandings with authority figures, or you may not get the success that you may deserve easily. There will also be some chances of your image getting maligned by people who wish ill for you. Your leadership and management skills may also get clouded.


Surya-Ketu Grahan Dosh

In Astrology, whenever there is a combination of two planets with conflicting ideologies, then the overall harmony of the Horoscope gets affected. The Sun and Ketu are adverse planets, and the positive energy of the Sun gets blocked due to the restrictive influence of Ketu. Your company’s general prospects for success and progress get affected due to this combine and you will not be able to able exercise your influence well. Despite of having a lot of talent, you will be surrounded by inhibitions and you may not be able to promote your company well.


If you are facing such issues continually in your business, get an Astrological and Vaastu Audit done for your company.


Get remedy suggestion or the BhojPatra remedies themselves to assure arresting such future loss and troubles and increasing the potential for success.


Astrology Fees for Individual Rs. 5000/-for Company Rs. 10000/-

Vaastu fees (without site visit based on plan)Rs. 25000/-

Vaastu fees (with site visit) Rs. 15/- per SqFeet subject to Rs. 25000/- minimum and lodging boarding travelling charges extra


Remedies will be suggested but with years of experience, the best remedies will be BhojPatra remedies invoked as per the following article.


With Love Light and God’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia



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