Self Diagnosis of your Company through Astrology (Sun)

Self Diagnosis of your Company through Astrology

Dear all readers,


Corporate or Business or Management Astrology is not a new concept at all, it used to be in a crude form earlier when mostly there were proprietorship companies in the very early days and thus business issues used to be diagnosed and solved using natal (personal/individual) horoscope.


The concept of Corporate Astrology has been come in parlance in the last 2-3 decades with companies needing to be registered and having registration date, place, time different from the owner\s place or place of business. There are other factors too due to which simply natal astrology to solve business problems are now not much in use and neither applicable.


I have made an attempt here to help you diagnose the possible causes or reasons of various problems in business you may be facing.



When you have a weak Sun, afflicted Sun, negative Sun, evil Sun, any or all or other factors on Sun, then you may face issues related to


  1. Power
  2. Challenge to authority
  3. Administration
  4. Difficulties with, through, by Government
  5. Disturbance in the East of all your Vaastu related to business
  6. Slow decision making
  7. Banking
  8. Banking Business
  9. Entertainment businesses
  10. Your own stocks and shares valuation and volatility
  11. Stock and Share businesses
  12. Speculation and such activities as business
  13. Victim of others speculating in your stock
  14. Government stocks, gilt edged securities all government related treasury
  15. Success of any or all of your company’s enterprise/s


If you find any of the above, then in your chart or the chart of your company, Sun may be afflicted, evil, under negative aspects, weak etc.


Get the Sun healed, rectified etc., by appropriate means based on how it becomes afflicted and ensure safety from any/all of the above.


In case you wish to get a personalized full reading of your company’s horoscope (which will be based on your horoscope, your company’s horoscope, related to the business your company is in) do contact Rikhav Khimasia (Management Graduate & Astrologer) who has seen both success and then failure in the corporate and industrial world and now helps SMEs to achieve success through Corporate Astrology and Corporate Vaastu on 9925171291.


Fees Rs. 10000/- for Astrology, Rs. 25000/- for Vaastu (no visit). Vaastu Visit at Rs. 15/- per feet subject to Rs. 25000/- and travelling, lodging boarding extra.


With Love Regards and Respects

Rikhav Khimasia


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