Glimpses of BhojPatra Remedies and how its all done

Dear Readers,


today I shall tell you which remedies are the best to help you manage your destinies and come back to your destined path as designed and programmed by your Horoscope.


Your past life Karma is the coding of the programme of this life and how it will run.


But when we try to run the programme as per our wish and man handle it without consulting the software technicians (astrologers), the programmes slow down, crash, get infected with virus, sometimes simply wiping away everything from the computer (life). This manhandling is called Karma/Choices of this life.


Those whose computer (life) has started running awkwardly and consulted the software technician, the hardware engineer, the systems specialist (astrologer) will then be able to salvage all, or some or a major part of the original system files and computer (life and success), depending on the damage done and the genuineness of the softwares, spares, patches (remedies) etc., applied to the PC .


Well coming down to the point.


  1. Mantrajaap of the planets on your own (it has a strict set of rules and process to do this and install in your PC)
  2. Fasting (very strict)
  3. Yantras (as per the vedas, Yantras drawn with the best and prescribed material on BhojPatra and nothing else). Invoked/Energised/Attuned in the prescribed manner with grains, ghee, water, colours, fruits, vegetables, speciality woods offered to the Havan (Fire) etc., by trained Pandeets called agnihotris.

Any other type of yantra on metal, any type of wood, plastic, paper etc. will not work. All these options started coming up as the true Yantra system turned out to be costly, there was a shortage of knowledgeable, wise and trained Pandeets.


Gems was never mentioned in the Vedas, the whole ideology came up as commission income by astrologers from jewellers, as in those days, mainly villages and towns had a few jewellers and astrologers, and the astrologers were not paid well for the correct true diagnosis nor the best remedies nor the best advise, so this idea of gems, knick knacks, and what not came up.


So here are few photographs of yantras in bhojpatra, the pedstals in front of which the specific Yantra is placed for invocation, the pandeets performing the Havans with Mantra recital for the respective individual yantra.


BhojPatra Yantra 1Bhoj Patra 1


BhojPatra Yantra 2BhojPatra Yantra 2


BhojPatra Yantra 3BhojPatra Yantra 3


BhojPatra Yantra 4BhojPatra Yantra 4


Collection of Various BhojPatra Yantras with MeruPrushtha Shree YantraCollection of Various BhojPatra Yantras with MeruPrushtha Shree Yantra


Havan in progressHavan in progress


Havan in progress 2Havan in progress 2


Havan in progress 3Havan in Progress 3


Pedestal 1Pedestal 1

(The Specific Yantra of Shree Kshetrapal Mandalam will be placed in front of this pedestal on a small wooden (Bajoth – Stool)) Likewise will be for many other Pedestal photos coming below.


Pedestal 2Pedestal 2



Pedestal 3Pedestal 3



Pedestal 4Pedestal 4



Pedestal 5Pedestal 5


Pedestal 6Pedestal 6


Pedestal 7Pedestal 7


Pedestal 8Pedestal 8


Pedestal 9Pedestal 9



Pedestal 10Pedestal 10


Pedestal 11 with Copper Kalash with Water for ShantiKarmaPedestal 11 with Copper Kalash with Water for ShantiKarma – Pacifying a Dosha



Pedestal 12Pedestal 12



Pedestal 13

Pedestal 13


Pedestal 14

Pedestal 14



Pedestal 15Pedestal 15



Pedestal 16Pedestal 16



Pedestal 17Pedestal 17



Pedestal 18Pedestal 18



Pedestal 19Pedestal 19


Pedestal 20Pedestal 20



Pedestal 21Pedestal 21



Pedestal with various Hindu Gods as per the YantraPedestal with various Hindu Gods as per the Yantra


Well so, this is how you can use the real knowledge and wisdom of the Vedas to use various AntiVirus, Patches etc. to bring back your PC to good performance, all genuine and ethically done by trained Pandeets.


Invoking done by drawing the yantras in the respective ink of the prescribed size drawn in the prescribed manner from where to begin and where to end the design, with the specific pedestal using all natural products which are still live (flowers, fruits, vegetables, herbs, grains etc which resonate with energy, recieve and transmit the energy, energy of the respective mantras or prescribed quantity) performed in front of a havan performed with the prescribed specific typical wood for the yantra with the prescribed shape of the Havan Kund (the vessel design in which the Havan is performed).


This is what needs to be used in life as a remedy.


These yantras are there fore costly around Rs. 10000/- to Rs. 50000/- depending on the quantity of items to be used, the number of days involved, the number of brahmins required and a lot more.


Well here I rest for you to decide whether you want to benefit yourself or want to add more spy software and virus in your life by pirated cheap patches and torrents to fix your PC.


With Love Light and God’s Grace


Rikhav Khimasia


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