Astrology, the science to manage all aspects of life.

Astrology, the science to manage all aspects of life.

Remember, creating the life of your dreams won’t just happen. It will happen *‘JUST’* . I mean, *through the proper understanding and application of universal principles and laws in the right sequence.*

How can you do it?

Using Astrology as a *TOOL to understand the destiny and what to expect from your life in qualitative terms.*

NOT using Astrology as some destiny defying Mumbo Jumbo.

*Here’s one of the most important things to understand…*

🔹️If you don’t have all the ingredients, no recipe will work.

🔹️If you have all the ingredients, but no recipe, it won’t work.

🔹️If you have the right recipe and ingredients, but do it in the wrong order, it won’t work.

🔹️And if you have the wrong recipe, it doesn’t matter who you are, where you came from, what you do or how – you’ll never get what you hunger for!

*There are specific ingredients to growth and success.*

📌 You need clarity on what your planets are there to offer you in this life time.

📌You need to understand the limitations and strengths of your horoscope and then use it to your advantage.

📌You need to understand the Karma you have to cleanse/clear and go through in this life time.

*You can’t do it if any of these are missing.*

*And there is a proper science called HOROSCOPY to learn and understand all the ingredients of your this life time and then turn the ingredients into something valuable.*


It is the complete cleansing of past Karma to live a happy life successful life satisfied life in this birth.

When one does not accept the destiny designed by this life time’s horoscope, the person goes through double or more of the sorrow destined for this life time in this life time/birth or the next.

*To know about all the ingredients to succeed*

Do contact
*Rikhav Khimasia on 9925171291*
(Mangement Graduate – Ex Industrialist – Astrologer & VaastuVid)
Go thru the website **

Personal Horoscopy @Rs. 5000/-

Career/Business/Professional Horoscopy @ Rs. 10000/-

Vaastu (Residential/Commercial) @ Rs. 25000/- offsite

Vaastu Site Visit @ Rs. 15/- per SqFt subject to Minimum Rs. 25000/- plus transport lodging boarding of convenience.

Commercial Vaastu includes shop, factory, land, office

(Astrology & Vaastu – Just as the Rishis intended)

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