How can astrology be useful to childless couples?

How can astrology be useful to childless couples?


This childlessness and its void is like a cancer eating into one’s happiness.


Even today in modern times, people not having children are looked down upon.


What do people do to beget children?


Offering prayers to umpteen number of gods and goddesses.


Offering bribes (once I have a child I will donate this much or do this and do that) to gods, respective kuldev & kuldevi.


Use modern medicine, homeopathy, ayurved etc.


All of it are good, any other ways and means are also good.


But when a couple approaches an astrologer, how would the astrologer attend to it?


The following is not the only system, process, method etc., it all depends on the astrologer.


  1. Strengths of the lord of the fifth house of kids
  2. Aspects to the fifth house
  3. Aspects to the lord of the fifth house.
  4. Planets in the fifth house
  5. Strengths of and aspects to Jupiter the siginificator of children
  6. Dashas, antardashas, pratyantardashas
  7. The eighth house of regenerative organs, its lord, aspects to it, planets in it.
  8. Transits to the fifth house, the eighth house, their lords, transits of the fifth house lord, 8th house lord.
  9. After all this study, the astrologer may or may not come to a conclusion.
  10. Then its time for studying navamsa, shadbal, ashtakvarga, progressions, solar return
  11. Finally s/he can tell you of the prospects, the timing, what to do and when to do it as per whose transits and dashas of them both. In this, there may be a need to tell the astrologer about her cycles, his medical test reports etc., to confirm a lot many things.
  12. Dietary changes may also have to be done as per your planets.


When all this is done, the prayers, the offerings, the medicines will work, otherwise not.

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