What are lucky days and lucky dates in astrology?

What are lucky days and lucky dates in astrology?

Another major aspect of astrology’s use is the concept of lucky days.

Depending on your birth day (Sunday through Saturday) and the moon sign and nakshatra you are born in, a lucky day is or lucky days are provided and people use such silly info.

I have never been able to fathom this, this whole funda of weekdays.

When life began did anybody tell us that today is Sunday? Tomorrow is Monday? And so on and so forth? No.

The day the decision may have been taken 2000 years ago or earlier, by some whim of the decision authority they called it Sunday and gave names to the rest of the days based on whatever whim or a lottery system? I have no idea.

If anyone has some information on this do share please.

Now coming to the Lucky Day, all those 1 billion people out of the estimated 7 billion people in the world today, will have Thursday as their lucky day? Is this sensible? At least not for me.

This kind of a lucky day system is psychological as, on that Thursday or sy every Thursday you will be more positive on the inside, with more positive vibes, emiting and accepting positive vibes, thus things have a better chance to work in your favour.

This kind of Astrology, my lucky day, my lucky date is all what we call Mumbo Jumbo Newspaper astrology.

Your true lucky days happen on the basis of planetary aspects, your good and bad planet as per your chart and its dasha, its transit, the good aspects it receives, the bad aspect it receives etc.

You never ever have a constant lucky day and lucky date.

One has long periods (Mahadashas/antardashas) of luck or ill luck, in that there will be transits which are good and bad, within that smaller period there will be planetary aspects which define lucky days and unlucky days.

It’s a matter of calculations and observance in detail. Lucky days/dates derived in such manner can be more useful, otherwise you will start asking (Does Astrology really work?)

Consistent use of such dates will slowly help you clear out evil influences of wrong/unethical choices you made in the past and slowly bring you into very good possibilities and events of having a fuller, successful life, full of not only material wealth, but satisfaction, acknowledgements, happiness on almost all fronts of life.

Wishing you all good luck

May God Bless you

Rikhav Khimasia

(Astrology & Vaasti just as the Rishis intended)

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