Mars Mangal Corporate Affairs 8th Feb to 22nd March

Mars Mangal Corporate Affairs 8th Feb to 22nd March

Mars, the lord of the first Sign of the Zodiac (Aries), will transit in its own Aries and thus be powerful from 8th Feb to 22nd March.

Lets see what influences it will have on corporate affairs.

Good for the manufacturing sectors as a whole, more so ones that have to do more with engineering, heat, chemicals, arms, ammunition, bricks, fire, explosives, furnaces, copper, kilns, fertilizers, refractories, foundaries, distilleries, energy, machines, energy generation industry, machineries in general, welding and its related industry, hardwares in general, almost all metals in general, detergents, plastics, construction industry as a whole in general, building materials in specific, railways, petrochemical industry in general, chillies, masoor, red coloured products, gains, mud, etc. Surgery profession, medical profession, electricity, electric wires, electric components, armed forces, police personnel in general and field police in specific, army in specific.

First and foremost, the manufacturing sector as a whole will find smooth progress and ease in production with speed. Industries that have a stronger component of the above directly and more associations of the above will definitely have better opportunities for progress and/or lesser degree of obstructions, depending on the horoscopes of the unit and the owners themselves.

There will be increased aggression, determination, assertion, physical activity, in people in general too. Those who are already aggressive may notice heated aggression crossing boundaries, these people should be a bit more careful.

Companies, units, owners having positive Mars in their horoscopes will notice abundant positivity and increase in their units, ones with negative mars, afflicted Mars, weak Mars will find a short span on the goodness but to a limited nature.

Mars in this period is Fully Martian, full with potency, strength, assertion, power, fighting spirit etc. as it is in its own Sign, more applicable as there is no planet aspecting it in this period.

This is the period for you all to take firm decisions, fight back, be more assertive, but not take it beyond if you have a disturbed natal Mars.

Disturbed Natal Mars means,

  1. Debilitated (Weak)
  2. With Sun (Forms Angaarak Yog as both planets are fiery aggressive cruel)
  3. With Rahu (Forms a destructive Angaarak Yoga with more cruelty added to the negative aggression)
  4. With Ketu (Forms a vaccum Angaarak yoga, where most of Mars’s qualities are not allowed to surface, the aggression is within)
  5. With Sani (Martian qualities get immensely restricted, slowed down hurdled delayed)
  6. With debilitated Moon (though Mars will be in its other sign Scorpio, which too is its negative sign, the added pessimism of Moon due to Moon’s debilitation makes your energies destructive, pessimistic etc.)

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For those concerned with these issues, you may consult Rikhav Khimasia on 9925171291 or visit his page Service and Fees at

People with natal disturbances or Malefic Doshas in these areas or people having Malefic Doshas related to Mars or any other planet may read my article at

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