Causes for Sorrows and Unhappiness in Life – Astrological Reasons & Remedies

Causes for Sorrows and Unhappiness in Life – Astrological Reasons & Remedies

In horoscopes (chart of the heavens at the time of your birth), there are good and bad planets, good and bad houses, good and bad signs, and same goes for the Nakshatras (Stars/Asterisms) in which the planets fall, mainly Moon. Also there are good and bad aspects and various formations of planetary designs in a horoscope which give rise to the Sorrows, Failures, Unhappiness, Delays, Troubles etc., in life.

Major reasons are afflictions to the Sun & Moon, afflictions to the Square and Trine houses and the lords of these houses by Rahu, Ketu, Debilitation, conjunction with naturally evil planets or conjunction with horoscope specific evil planets.

Afflictions to the Ascendant lord too creates reasons for a disturbed life.

At times good horoscopes with strong planets and classically good Yogas promising wealth, syccess, happiness etc., get destroyed by these Malefic Doshas (Ashubh Dosha).

This is the main reason the world has the MIDDLE CLASS. This is the class which has powerful yogas made dysfunctional by Malefic / Evil doshas.

There are many such yogas which when identified and remedied can be made weak or dysfunctional, giving more scope hope and opportunity for the good yogas to give positive results.

Secondly, when one knows the good yogas and the planets involved, as suggested by Rikhav Khimasia, they can be fortified and made stronger in the manner suggested by Rikhav Khimasia to further increase the happiness quotient.

The other MAIN reason of sorrow is that people, to save a few hundred rupees do not consult a professional ethical astrologer and simply dive into remedies, gems, fasts, mantras, rudraksha, gutikas, talismans, yantras, pujas, homams, havans, daan, donation, etc., through online free astrology articles and free automated consultations or even without that search or anything, by just listening to someone or reading about it on any site hawking remedial products and services.

What happens in this scenario is that, the same planet that you are remedying in which ever manner happens to be a good planet too, in such cases there is a different manner of remedy. So finally what happens is that even after spending money, time etc., on a remedy one does not get results and finally gets disheartened with astrology. This is wrong, because astrology and astrologer was not at all involved, one straight away went for the remedy.

Invest once in a life time report of Doshas and Yogas, the effect and benefits, what to remedy and what to strengthen and how.

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