How to use Happy Birthday Astrology – Varshphal Jyotish – Solar Return Astrology

How to use Happy Birthday Astrology – Varshphal Jyotish – Solar Return Astrology

Every year when your birthday arrives, it is a new beginning of new possibilities in your life as Sun, the Driver of the Solar System and horoscope comes back to its same position as it was at the time of your birth.


The horoscope prepared for the time when Sun comes exactly over the degrees as it was when you were born, gives an insight into major possible events for the new year and how the year unfolds.


You can thereby plan your year accordingly and do the necessary remedies beforehand and / or on time.


It is not necessary to get the Happy Birthday Astrology Report OR Varshphal Jyotish Report OR Solar Return Report exactly on your birthday.


When can you get this report?


  1. a few months after your birthday (this will help to react to what is already happening or has started rolling and take remedial measures)


  1. few months before your birthday (this will help you to proactively take steps now to make the best use of your new Birthday Astrology predictions)


How Many reports should I get?


  1. If possible, for the whole family, as every member’s horoscope will work and have an influence on the whole family.
  2. you can even get reports for 2-4 years in advance for long term planning for various major important decisions/expectations/planning.


Why go for multiple reports for family?


Things that are common in the reports of all family members will have a major chance of happening in your lives for that year. You can use the common periods indicated to plan well, decide well.


Report charges/-


  1. One Single Report Rs. 500/-
  2. Two Reports Rs. 900/-
  3. Three or more Reports Rs. 400/- per report.


How to order?


Mail the relevant names with DOB, TOB POB of each person with number or years the report is required. (please note, report will be done for the next coming birthdate if not specifically mentioned by your good self.)


Mail to from your mail id on which you wish to receive the report.


Wishing you Good Luck

God’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia



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