Remedies for Kalsarpa Dosha

How does Kaalsarpa Dosha happen?
How is Kaalsarpa Dosha formed?


Kaalsarpa Dosha happens when all planets fall between Rahu to Ketu. When a common man or astrologer looks at the chart, when all planets come between Ketu to Rahu, they consider it as Kaalsarpa Dosha too. Other times when one or more planets are with Rahu or Ketu, without calculating the degrees of the planet, they consider it is Kaalsarpa Dosha too.

This is wrong, because it’s as if one is diagnosed wrongly and then goes for an unnecessary remedy which involves costs as well as causes a negative influence as the disease was not there altogether.

Is Kaalsarpa Dosha Real?

No. In Vedic astrology and origins of Astrology, there is really no mention of Kaal Sarpa Dosha.

It is actually a lopsided horoscope with an unequal distribution of the 7 planets in only one side of the horoscope in 7 houses, leaving the other five houses empty.

Slowly with time and keen observations of astrologers, they noted that when in horoscopes the planets come between Rahu (a mathematical point) and Ketu (another mathematical point), most of the persons face problems and troubles in life.

Thus was born Kaal Sarpa Dosha.

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What are the effects of Kaalsarpa Dosha?

The presence of Kalsarpa Dosha in your Chart gives rise to highly inauspicious effects and it blocks progress to a large extent. It hampers the chances of you achieving success and prosperity. Sudden unfavourable changes, suffering, humiliations, struggles and various other problems are some of the characteristics of this Dosha. Some times plans and endeavours do not give fruit. Ambitions are not reached. One takes unnecessary risks too.

Following remedies will alleviate a lot of problems being generated by this negative configuration and will bless you with great strength to overcome the challenges that come in your path.

  1. Kaalsarpa Dosha Yantra
  2. Kaalsarpa Dosha Havan
  3. Kaalsarpa Dosha Puja
  4. Kaal Sarpa Dosha Reiki (Rs. 1050/- for 21 days for 15 minutes each day)

Kaal Sarpa Dosha Nivaran Reiki or Havan or Puja or Shaktipaat of Yantra is best done when transitting Rahu and Ketu are on your natal Kaal Sarpa Dosha OR when there is a Kaal Sarpa Dosha in the transits OR a Full Moon on either Rahu or Ketu.

Once 21 day Reiki for Kaal Sarpa Dosha is done you will start feeling some benefits and slowly with more such cleansings done every once in a year will see to it that it diminishes completely and you will increasingly find increase in endeavours, successes in endeavours, favours, success, satisfaction and happiness in life.

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Why use Reiki instead of using other products, Pujas, Havans, Yagyas, Yagnas, Mantra Jaaps, Gems, Semi Precious Gems, Yantras, Talismans etc?

There are many arguments which make one wonder whether the above remedies will work or not.

This does not mean that one is against these remedies or use and practice of these remedies.

The arguments vary right from and are but not limited to

  1. Cost
  2. Quality
  3. Attuned or not
  4. Energized or not
  5. Initiated or not
  6. Purity and quality of items used
  7. Mahurat (electional time)
  8. Purity, sanctity, spiritual material mental qualification of the priest, Brahmin, pandit, karmkaandi
  9. Pronunciation, grammar, punctuation used in mantra, puja, havan, initiation

So on and so forth.

At times in fact many a times you will observe that people who have followed the above remedies have not benefitted and that is why we see a rise in other remedial systems like Reiki and such, which is the Channelising of Universal Cosmic energy.

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What is Astro Reiki?

Reiki being the Universal Positive Cosmic Energy, which is omnipresent in the Universe since time immemorial, is the positive energy needed to heal anything and everything that these products can heal (only if these products are Energised/Attuned/Cleansed and programmed for the desired results). To know about Shaktipaat, you may read it at the following link What is Shaktipaat / Attunement / Energizing in the Astro Remedy and Vaastu Healing world?

So now if these products are helpless without any kind of energising and their energies get diminished with time and can get negative too, Reiki is a better option (I am not saying Reiki is the best option or only option).

Reiki as is pure energy which can be transferred from the Cosmic Consciousness to any where or any intention and as can be focussed on the person, animal, thing, area, works better.

So Astro Reiki, is basically giving or rather Channelising the Positive Cosmic Universal Energy to focus on balancing the Astrological aspects of your horoscope to help bring a positive change in your life. Astro Reiki keeps in check or Holds the negative energies of the Negative Astrological forces of your horoscope from entering your life, it also helps in cleansing the Astrological Negative forces that have already entered your life (No other remedy like Yantras, Gems, Mantras can do that).

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What exactly is the Argument for Astro Reiki again?

When a person is born, at that time the body’s Aura gets the energies of all the elements of the Universe. More prominent is the energies of the planets and planetary combinations of the planets in the Solar System, which enters the Physical, Spiritual, Emotional and Auric (Aura) bodies of the child. The child then grows, progresses, experiences various emotions etc., based on these energies and the transits of the same planets over these energies. So when one has these or any other negative planetary combinations or is born in some typical Nakshatra (Moon Star) or other Yogas, the life becomes destined towards sorrow, grief, pain, failures etc.,

Reiki too, being the same energy from the same Cosmic Universe of which the planets and humans are a part of can be very much effective in healing these negative planetary energies which are the ROOT of the problems in one’s life.

Once a 21 day complete cleansing through Reiki is required, then as per your feelings or need, you can get it done once every year for a day or 21 days again to keep up with blocking that energy entering the life.

No Planetary Remedy or any other Remedy is a onetime Remedy, one always has to keep on redoing the remedy every now and then.

Look at our Pujas as per the Vedic System, The Shastra (weapons)and Yantra (Machines/vehicles) Puja done every year on Dusshera is refurbishing energy back into tem, the Laxkmi Pujan Sharda Pujan is refurbishing the cosmic energy of Maa Laxmi in our coins, gold and ornaments. The Saraswati Pujan too, Chhath Puja of Biharis and others are all, reenergizing, recleansing, refurbishing or the Cosmic Universal energy in them. Similarly, Reiki for every planetary Dosha needs to be done once every year. This awareness not being present in the common man, though understood and known by many Reiki practitioners, is the reason why many times Reiki fails.

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