What is Shaktipaat / Attunement / Energizing in the Astro Remedy and Vaastu Healing world?

What is Shaktipaat / Attunement / Energizing in the Astro Remedy and Vaastu Healing world?


One often comes across the word/s Shaktipaat / Attunement / Energizing / Energized etc., in the remedy and healing world, right from Astrology Remedies, Vaastu Remedies, Astrological Remedial Products, Vaastu Remedial Products, AstroHealing, Vaastu Healing, Medical Healing, relationship healing, planetary healing, Money Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Usui Reiki etc.

So what actually is this?

Well every practitioner has his or her own systems of energizing or doing shaktipaat or praan pratishthaa or attunement etc., or whatever else they call it in their system of healing.

Whatever be the name, but in general it may be considered as pouring in the Universal Cosmic enery with the focus of empowering the healing or curing or rectification energy of the product, for your specific need.

So as a result of this, the product will emit positive vibrations for the healing/curing/rectification that one wants, till then it is a dead piece or product but with the Shaktipaat it becomes live and vibrating, emitting vibrations, receiving vibrations, sucking in vibrations, cleaning the atmosphere, cleansing the environment etc.

Is the Shaktipaat Permanent?

No. It can never be permanent, all batteries die, they are charged first, then sold and after use begins, it dies, similarly all products or areas which have had Shaktipaat/Energizing/Attunement done, lose the energy as it keeps on attracting and sucking in negative energy emitting it to the universe and keeps on receiving and emitting good positive energy in the environment.

Thus, no Shaktipaat can be Permanent.

One can get Shaktipaat done every 4 or 6 months, to keep the charge full on, and continue getting positive vibes in one’s life.

How is Shaktipaat/Attunement/Energizing done?

Well in vedic systems it is done through Puja/Havan with chanting of Matras, Jains use Mantras and Hasta Mudras together. Other religions and faiths have their of initiations and systems. Others use Reiki and other such systems and its symbols and intricate sacred symbols and systems in Reiki to do Shaktipaat.

The Reiki system is more useful and used for long distance shaktipaat, where the product may be placed anywhere in the world. The practitioner here needs a photograph of the item, location, owner’s name and the Shaktipaat is done in usually 3-7 days.

Which Products can be Energized / Attuned or done Shaktipaat on?

I personally use the Reiki long distance system for Shaktipaat / Attunement / Energizing of

  1. Planetary costly gems,
  2. Planetary substitute gems,
  3. crystals,
  4. Rudraksha,
  5. Yantra made on paper, copper, gold, silver, crystals, any
  6. Vaastu rectifying pyramid,
  7. aroma oils for Vaastu or Astrology,
  8. Candles-Incense Sticks for astrology or Vaastu.

With Love Light and Peace

Rikhav Khimasia


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Love and Regards

Rikhav Khimasia

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