Supriya Sule 2009 Reading (Originally published on 6th October 2008)

Introduction: Supriya Sule, the daughter of Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar, was elected to the Rajya Sabha in Sep 2006. She jumped into active politics when she joined the Nationalist Congress Party founded by her father. She was previously working for the development and upliftment of backward classes.

Ganesha foresees her political career in the coming year and tries to answer the following questions.

Will she be able to establish herself as a key political figure in politics in the year 2009? Will her political career climb the epitome of success in the year 2009?

DOB – 30th June 1969

TOB – Unknown

POB – Pune (Maharashtra – India) Sun Chart of Supriya Sule


1 Jan 2009 – 4 February 2009,

This can be a testing time for her and others, especially with people who are close to her. Other people will get in her way. She may lose her cool and thus may harm a perfectly good political relationship unnecessarily. As such a couple of political tie ups and relationships may end in this period. Strong and secure ones will not; weak and negative ones may. Estrangements and separations can occur under this influence.

1 Jan 2009 – 7 February 2009,

The old order of things will give way to the new but with some disruption or upheaval. She will have to adjust a lot to the new conditions that are being created in her life. Positively, she will have the opportunity to bring about reforms in her own life and at a social and professional political level too.

1 Jan 2009 – 25 March 2009,

Difficulties are possible in relationships or through the influence of others, including family members.

3 January 2009 – 18 June 2009,

During this time her way of thinking will undergo change and transformation. She will appreciate new ideas and ways of looking at things.

6 February 2009 – 15 March 2009,

She will be changing relationships. She may make and break contacts suddenly during this period. Old associations that have run their course are likely to be discarded now and replaced with new contacts that are more relevant to her current political agenda.

19 February 2009 – 19 May 2009, Transiting Pluto is Square Progressed Jupiter

During this period there is tremendous potential for gain, or ruin – depending on her make up. If she over-estimates her powers and capabilities she can risk losses or confrontations with authority figures. However, if she strives to make improvements in her own and others’ lives, this can be a time of great achievement.

1 March 2009 – 3 April 2009,

You are inclined to combine forces with others for the purpose of achieving common objectives. A union is possible.

11 March 2009 – 23 August 2009,

This period equates to crisis phases. All her political tieups, ideologies, ambitions may be under threat.

11 March 2009 – 17 April 2009,

The fundamental influence of this period is to transform her policies and ideologies again. During this period she may make significant changes in specific areas. She may let go of the old, and establish new conditions, which will be more in keeping with her current political needs.

9 May 2009 – 8 June 2009,

Medically turbulent times.


19 May 2009 – 21 June 2009,

She will have the inclination to make and break contacts suddenly and unexpectedly now. She will keep strange company which may unsettle others.

2 June 2009 – 10 December 2009,

This period can draw out the revolutionary in her – the person who wants to change the world – hence she may become attracted to social or political causes. However, if she becomes coercive or fanatical, it can create feelings of resistance in others. Negatively, this long period can, in extreme circumstances, be quite destructive, there can be an accident or injury-potential environments, or provoking people that could harm her in some way.

9 July 2009 – 16 August 2009, strongest around 27 July 2009, Transiting Pluto is Opposition Progressed Moon

This can be an important period in her domestic and family life, or in emotional life. There is the potential for emotionally charged power struggles, coupled with issues of emotional control and dominance. She may be subjected to emotional dramas and upheavals, caused through others or forces outside of your own control. An influential woman in her life – or even work superior – can have a profound effect on her at this time.

29 August 2009 – 14 September 2009,

This is a no-nonsense time. She may address issues which are of importance and some of them may not be pleasant. There may be an unsettling external event that may rock her foundations and force her to make radical changes. Other people or circumstances may inhibit her ability to carry on living in the manner to which she has been accustomed.

20 September 2009 – 1 Jan 2010,

This can be a time of intense pressure and anxiety.

29 September 2009 – 28 October 2009,

During this period her desire for gain, power and advantage is accentuated which can lead some people to be prone to disproportional amounts of arrogance during this transit, and conflicts with authority figures or brushes with the law may be possible.

31 October 2009 – 17 November 2009,

Significant or fated connections can be made or broken now, which can influence the course of her political life.

21 December 2009 – 1 Jan 2010,

She could find herself in conflict with the laws of the land through arrogance or provocative conduct. Under certain conditions, this period can signify legal problems.

Wishing her a Happy and Prosperous 2009

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia


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