Angela Merkel 2009 Predictions (Originally published on 6th October 2008)

Originally published on 6th October 2008

Birth Data

DOB – 17th July 1954

POB – Hamburg (Germany)

TOB – Unknown


16 January 2009 – 24 January 2009,

This is one of the more testing times. Advancement in life at this time seems slow or cumbersome and everything she may want to achieve may take a lot more effort than usual. Any progress she may make may come at a cost. Also, there can be temporary setbacks and possible constraints or worries. Her self-confidence may be temporarily dented.

20 January 2009 – 15 March 2009,

This can be an enriching period. She will have an increased interest in creative subjects for the sake of the nation and her own political ambitions and she may think of various policies in a creative way. Her power of imagination will be enhanced at this time.

30 January 2009 – 27 March 2009,

At this time there can be short states of confusion  as well as of inability to clearly interpret the experiences and insights gained instinctively.

7 February 2009 – 2 June 2009,

In this period she may achieve a great deal through patience and perseverance, coupled with tenacity and good old-fashioned hard work. She will have the power to overcome obstacles and to carry through reforms that will benefit herself and Germany in the long run.

22 March 2009 – 30 April 2009,

This can be a period when she will make changes that will improve her life and career. She may take decisions related to scientific and  technical advancement of Germany. She may initiate reforms and innovations now and that will work to her advantage.

2 April 2009 – 30 June 2009,

She would be firming up her relationships and committing or re-committing to the important people in her life and career and Germany.

4 April 2009 – 19 May 2009, strongest around 24 April 2009, Transiting Uranus is Trine your Natal Sun

She will find it easier to assert her independence and individuality now. Other people will  respond well to her ideas and appreciate her originality.

26 April 2009 – 19 May 2009,

Difficulties are possible in relationships or through the influence of others, She may be prone to estrangements and separations.

27 April 2009 – 14 May 2009

During this period she will  assert herself forcefully to get ahead in life and to get her ideas accepted- even if that pitches her against the expectations and beliefs of others. She will have strong ambitions at this time which could put her at cross swords with people.

26 May 2009 – 4 July 2009,

This is an excellent period for her to tackle business matters, negotiations and for starting new projects. Her sense of timing will be very good now and as luck would seem to have it, relations with others can improve  and disputes can be sorted out.

8 June 2009 – 24 July 2009,

She is more likely to experience altercations or physical attacks and accidents.

17 July 2009 – 3 August 2009,

Her compulsive behaviour may attract a lot of opposition and strong political opponents may get allied  here.  A couple of her close colleagues may join the opposition.

3 August 2009 – 1 Jan 2010,

A very difficult period during which she may not be able to clear out problems or take decisions. In most cases she will try to avoid taking decisions here. If at all she does the same will be opposed nationally as well as internationally.

14 August 2009 – 6 October 2009,

A good time when she may be able to clearly visualize things and take them in the right perspective. Her actions and decisions will be clear and laudable.

3 September 2009 – 19 September 2009,

This is a period when she may make changes in her life, introduce reforms or incorporate new working methods because she will be able to know what her limits are and what is acceptable to others.

3 September 2009 – 28 October 2009,

A wonderful time for political, internal, industrial reforms and changes. She will be able to initiate the same and start the ball rolling.

8 September 2009 – 25 September 2009,

There is much she can achieve at this time. She may receive some acknowledgment.

29 September 2009 – 15 October 2009,

Matters and situations not under her control may slow down  the progress of her scheme of things and plans. There will be many spanners in the wheel from all sides. A depressing time.

17 October 2009 – 3 November 2009,

At this time, important and significant people could enter into or exit from her professional life. Males, in particular, can be influential during this period. Contact with the public through the media is also possible. Alternatively, there can be strains in her relationships caused by hubris and displays of arrogance leading to possible estrangement or separation from within her party and her party leaders may think of separation.

21 October 2009 – 14 November 2009,

She may have the inclination to make and break contacts suddenly and unexpectedly now.

21 October 2009 – 14 November 2009,

During this period she could come into contact with refined, creative, inspired or imaginative people. Alternatively, there is a risk of being linked with deceptive and dishonest individuals and of being compromised by their actions. Politically, a dangerous time.

9 December 2009 – 1 Jan 2010,

She will be able to overcome her opponents, and/or subdue them. Hard work and persistence will pay her the dividends. Politically, a grand time.

16 December 2009 – 27 December 2009,

Power struggle to the fore again. Politically, a time to be alert and awake.

Wishing Angela Merkel a Happy 2009

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The GaneshaSpeaks Team

This article was published on the internet on 6th October 2008


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