Akshay Kumar for India Journal USA (Originally published on 16th May 2009)

Originally published on 16th May 2009


Birth Details

DOB – 9th September 1967

POB – Amritsar

TOB – Unavailable (Surya Kundali)


Astro Analysis

Sun is the significator of success and is Swagruhi (in own sign). This allows one good potential for success.

Sukra (Venus) the significator of glamour is exactly in trine with Rahu, which brought him success in the glamour industry which uses more of Rahu (Maya and Chaaya) in its techniques and technologies.

Ketu is a malefic planet with separative tendencies.

The Sun Ketu distance is 44 which when compared to age, the age 44 which he is nearing to is an indicative point.

Progressed Sun is in applying conjcuntion with natal Ketu and exact conjunction with progressed Ketu. A very strong contending indicator of his career and success.


Ganesha finds that since the last two years, he is on  receding scale, doing movies in which he on his own pulls the whole movie and the stories too are Akshay Centric. This is his effort to save his career from drowning. Now that considering the separative influences and the astro indicators above, Akshay seems to be a fading star. His movies may be a bit successful, in the absence of other good movies, otherwise, if he has competition, he may not be able to perform at the box office. He seems to approach a dead end to his career. At least the acting career and stardom.

Wishing him good luck and may Lord Ganesha bless him.

Ganesha’s Grace


The GaneshaSpeaks Team

This article was published in India Journal (USA) in May/June 2009 edition and on the world’s wide web in July 2009.


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