A comparative study of Predictive astrology and remedial astrology. (Originally published on 31st Mach 2013)

Originally published on 31st Mach 2013

Irrespective of the origin of astrology with respect to, by whom, from when, from where etc., there has always been conflicts within one’s mind as to how and why to use astrology.

The confusion arises because people think astrology is predictive and hence it can be used to change destiny and /or plan events and modus operandi around the predicted events. In a way this is logical and most apt manner of using astrology, from an intellectual’s view point.

From my, (Rikhav Khimasia) view point, if0 it (future or destiny) could be changed, then your astrologer did not predict it right in the first place, because if you predict right, it shoul happen and cannot be changed, stark paradox, isn’t it? You got it right, then it was not destined at all.

Second type of astrology’s use is in remedial utility, where the focus of the astrologer and the client is not predicting events, but just understanding which planet is good bad, which combinations are cursed and the stuff and thereby to use gems, yantras (celestial diagrams and designs which have mantras too), mantras (a combination of words to be repeatedly chanted so many times to create an energy force) and various other forms which are expected to rectify or cure the bad or cursed planetary positions to have a good life or success or health etc., as the case and wish be, of the client.

In my more than a secade of professional astrology as well as being a part of the management and operations of Inda’s one of the largest astrology portals from scratch and training their call center and wevsite astrologers as well as guiding the customer service department in helping out various kind of customer problems and queries aswell as taking feedback from all the stakeholders in that astrology business, I have come to understand that neither of the above two utilities of astrology are useful. What has been of eminence though, is that all those who could understand their destiny and be mentally prepared for the event have been able to take it all in stride and be successful later (this success was in most cases not decipherable) through astrology, there were always the maximum probabilities quotient of being successful.

Here is an example

A client had contacted to understand/know his destiny with respect to career, in the coming twelve months. I found that a few transits in combination with dashas indicated possibilities of job loss. He asked me what remedies he could do. I suggested one but also advised that this remedy will not change the destiny, instead be prepared for the eventuality and understanding your own position and work environment visualize the possible causes of job loss and take practical steps to cover your self. He was intelligent enough to grasp it and followed the advise. (others in this case would be unhappy by the advise). 9 months down the line, though he lost the job due to his own mistake, he had to sit at home for 6 months, but was then offered a better job from a better company. Now, in this case, if he would have just planned to change his destiny with the remedy and would not have worked proactively, there could have been two situations – 1. He would not have lost the job, but then would not have been offered the better one, as he would not be looking for one, jut because he is with a job, that also does not mean he would have been promoted, because planets and astrological factors for getting a job and getting a promotion are different (people have this affinity to make deduction based on simple assumptions of half or no knowledge of this complicated art and science of astrology.

  1. He would not have lost the job, but probably humiliated or demoted. Now don’t tell me that your remedy did not work or that you were wrong in the first place, necause this is the very thing I am trying and wanting to tell people, that astrology and remedies are not there to change destinies and that if you do, it happens the way GOD wants it, so you stop a bad event, but the negative energy flows somewhere else in your life and more effectivly it does not give rise to any goodness too as a punishment by GOD.

There could be many such and different situations in life, you can also come up with hypothetical cases and understand how astrology can be more effectively used. Just keep in mind, that is destinies could be changed, I or other astrologers would not be hawking astrology and we would be the Bill Gates’s, Rockfellers, Ambanis, Murdochs of the world. Have you ever noticed that the most successful people in the world have never believed in astrology (in the manner most of the people believe), they either believed in Karma or used astrologt in its truest form. Have you ever seen that those who believe too much in astrology, have never been successful in life? WHY? We will talk about this som other time, till then wishing you a good pondering over the best uses of astrology.


Rikhav Khimasia


This article by me first appeared on the net on 31st March 2013


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