Sharon Stone – Does she have an inferior brain? (Originally posted on 10th July 2008)

The News

Animal rights group PETA has offered Sharon Stone a free brain scan – in an effort to see if her lack of empathy is the result of a physical defect in her brain.

The Introduction

PETA President Ingrid Newkirk has written to the movie star, suggesting her refusal to stop wearing fur and recent ill-advised comments she made about the Chinese earthquake could be symptoms of an underdeveloped brain.

“Scientific studies suggest that the prefrontal regions of the brains of people who lack empathy might be underdeveloped. Here’s our offer: Would you allow PETA to pay for a scan of the prefrontal region of your brain to determine if comments and actions that seem to demonstrate a lack of empathy are the result of a physical defect?” the letter stated.

Ganesha here would now like to analysis Sharon Stone’s birth chart to see if the tests on her brain will indicate whether she has an underdeveloped brain or not.

Sharon Stone’s Birth Details

DOB – 10th March 1958

TOB – 1652 hours

POB – Meadville, Pennsylvania


The Analysis

Before we analyse the horoscope, lets have some basics cleared.

As per medical astrology the sign Aries as per the natural Zodiac and the Ascendant sign as per the natal chart of the individual signify the brain in general and 14 degrees of Aries is typical associated with the Frontal Lobes of the brain, which is the area, Mr. Ingrid Newkirk is concerned about in Sharon Stone.

The Sun and Mercury are considered the natural significators of the organ brain.

Now, look at Sharon’s birth chart. You will strikingly find an exact square aspect of Uranus to the 14 degrees of Aries, there is another square aspect to 14 degrees of Aries, from Venus. Also note that the Dragon’s Tail (Ketu) is in separating conjunction with 14 degrees of Aries. Venus is also in applying inconjunction to 14 degrees of her ascendant. Natal Moon too is in applying square to the ascendant degrees.

All these are tough and difficult aspects to her brain and the frontal regions/lobes of the same, indicating any negative transit and/or a negative progression to these points may make her lack empathy.

So one this is sue, the natal destiny was there.

No look at her progressed horoscope for 10th March 2008, same birth time and place.


You will observes that progressed Uranus is still square to 14 degrees of Aries. Progressed Sun is in conjunction with 14 degrees of Aries, and if we consider an orb of 4 degrees then this conjunction started in 2003.

Notice how progressed Neptune is nearing opposition to 14 degrees of Aries. Neptune as such is considered a planet of strange emotions and beliefs and its opposition to a sensitive point in the natal horoscope has the potential of exploding such beliefs and bring them to light.

Notice the opposition of progressed Mars to her natal Ascendant degrees. It’s a very harsh and violent as well as cruel aspect.

So we have found out that she definitely had a natal design and destiny of a possibly lacking empathy which definitely started getting her verbal push out into the open when a negative progression has hit the Aries 14 degrees as well as natal ascendant degrees.

What Next

Well what Ganesha finds is that after some five more years she will be free from the malefic progressions and will start receiving positive aspects from other progressed planets. In the mean time she will learn her lesson too, to stay put and calm and not give voice in public to her personal feelings and opinions.

From around 2012 and onwards she will again come back to her normal calm self and may rather develop a solidly sympathetic and compassionate nature.


Summarily Ganesha feels that the doubts of Mr. Ingrid Newkirk may come true if Sharon agrees for a brain scan.

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The above article was published on the net on 10th July 2008


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