Can Life be managed, by understanding KARMA through Astrology?

When it is understood that a Horoscope is formed based on your past Karma and/or a horoscope is the mirror of your past Karma, then may be would it be possible to understand past Karma to know the happiness, sorrow origins and thereby manage life?

Let’s start understanding this by an example.

A planet having negative aspects of other planets, for e.g. Sun receiving square aspects of Rahu and Ketu.

This means Self-esteem, confidence, soul, fame, name is at stake as (Sun) is receiving negative aspects. How will these things happen? Through Rahu and Ketu and the signs they are placed in, the houses they are placed in will be the areas where and/or due to which, ones name, fame, self-esteem, confidence etc. gets damaged.

Now, if Sun receives negative aspects from Rahu placed in the 10th house of Karma, the person’s name, fame, reputation gets damaged due to his seniors, authority, low people (Rahu) placed in authority (10th house), through or due to his career, etc.

Now, what can be done? Obviously MAN’s first instinct is to avoid the problems, by …….

Remedies for Rahu?

Which ones, how many, how much, when? So many questions and even then one is not sure whether the chosen remedy / remedies will work, when will they work, how to know whether the remedy is working, again everything is unsure.

In my vast experience in astrology, I realized that ones who have decided to take on the malefic results of Rahu square Sun, instead of appeasing Rahu or strengthening Sun, have definitely gone through the pain and recovered. Those who sought to avoid the pains, by adopting remedies may or may not have gone through it all, but are still fighting the problems or losses.

Let’s understand how the fighters/challengers of DESTINY solved their probable destiny and managed life.

  1. They all understood and accepted that it must be the result of their past Karma and that they cannot escape the fruits now, so lets face the music.
  2. Now that as they were forewarned and mentally ready and had accepted the responsibility of past life Karma, they were aware when such things happened and could immediately take steps to handle the situation rather than get surprised and baffled.
  3. Those who believed that this could be new Karma too, coming out of the choices made by others, immediately forgave them all thus again keeping themselves away from being mentally awestruck and thus paralyzed to take action.
  4. They could recover fast and get back to other jobs or careers or acquainted to loss of fame and name and manage it all, because now they know that this is the fact of life they have to face.
  5. The remedial action that they took was to give credit, respect to others. Never humiliate others. Help others in their careers, help someone get a job, promote the deserving etc. All these are natural ways of remedies to either nullify the past Karma or soften the effects of past Karma. At times such actions taken in this life have helped the same person when he met his negative destiny in that very area of life, by getting someone else’s help in the same manner.

This is how Life can be managed, with astrology and karma theories.

Astrology is a way to understand or say identify the possible good and bad karmic points of previous lives, which come into fruition in this life.

Once possible Karmic areas are known, the knowledge can be used to happily and peacefully pass through the negative events and use the strengths of the positive karma to build on newer karma in other areas of life and/or to dilute the negative karma.

Whats more, when you start experiencing that taking responsibility of pains in this life as the effect of your own previous life Karma, you start noticing good events and opportunities too coming your way, in the very own areas where astrology first indicated negative events. This though happens, once you pass through the pain.

The pain and friction, negative and bad events, when faced with all responsibility and acceptance and the practical fight given by one, gives rise to happier events too.

Lets understand this through a very different example.

By astrology, a farmer knows that in his life he will not be able to gain fruits of his efforts. So, now that if he realizes that it is the effect of the cause he created in earlier life by some way, he will be able to reduce the pain due to his awareness now. But, if he then stops doing his karma as a farmer or stops putting in efforts to till the land, then this way he is not bringing into fruition the earlier karma, he is just building new negative karma for a future life.

On the other hand, when he still tills the land despite knowing the destiny, he brings into fruition the past karma, with being mentally ready for not benefiting out of the tilled and irrigated land. This continues for a few years, in the meantime, he found out the reasons due to which he failed as he observes everything that he does. He works hard, to grow more and better, so as to soften the blow, this way he learns a lot many tricks. Now, that, when the bad period of the fruition of previous negative karma ends and period of neutral or good karma begins, as indicated by astrology, the farmer in comparison to the farmer A above, will yield a lot more, because he did his karma even in the bad period.

So, understand, realize and accept possible KARMIC causes of previous lives to manage this life, through astrology and make it much better and happier.

With Love Light Cheers


(aka Rikhav Khimasia)


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