CORPORATE WORLD & transitting Shani/Saturn in Vrishchika/Scorpio

A bird’s overview of transitting Shani/Saturn in Vrishchika/Scorpio in the corporate world

Below is given a Bird’s eye view of what may happen and what can be done in corporate management, during the transit of Shani (Saturn) through Vrishchika/Scorpio during 3rd November 2014 to 26th January 2017 and in retro and direct motions during 21st June 2017 to 26th October 2017. (Please send your feedback on whether you experienced this till now).

Managers and entrepreneurs can keep the following advise in mind as a tool and as a Management Information System to enhance the efficiency and productivity of your company to the optimum.

The following advise is in general, not industry/sector specific. Planetary influences on each sector differ and thus the effect will be of varying degrees.

HR – Time to take hits due to heavy attrition of the staff in general and elder wiser experienced people. Follies of the last three years may cause trouble in the earlier part of this 3 year period. It is a very good time to concentrate on maintaining relations with such staff from the current times, before Shani/Saturn moves on to Vrishchika/Scorpio. Try to identify the signs of dissatisfaction or grumbling, dissent in the long term servicing people and elders or senior staff.

Marketing – Marketing divisions in almost all sectors will face sudden breakdowns due to psychological miscalculations of the think-tank and the Market Research department. Your marketing and branding strategies, may best be given to the younger people, aggressive people of the company and allow the older, elder people to rethink on their earlier strategies and rework on the Market Research data.

Resources/Purchase – Re-evaluation of inventory will be necessary for most of the Resources/Purchase/Logistics divisions of all kinds of companies. Your assumptions of the functions will need a revamp and restructuring with hard hitting planetary transitions in the coming 3 years. There shall be unnecessary delays and hurdles through financial constraints or disputes caused in the previous transit of Shani/Saturn through Tula/Libra.

Production – This department will always find the last stages of the production cycle having some or the other delay, hurdle or breakdown. This department will have to be cautious if they deal with gases, cold things, iron, coal, black, carbon, lead, in the ending part of the process as a raw material or processed upon item or the process itself (process of gasing, cooling, chilling, air, air circulation and the likes).

Wishing you efficient Management

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