Nano Effects of Nano on Modijees Career and Gujarat (Originally published on 15th October 2008)

Originally published on 15th October 2008

Nano Effects of Nano on Modijees Career and Gujarat


As per Ganesha’s earlier predictions dated 26th September 2008 on Nano coming to Gujarat before even Ratan Tata had finalized about his stance on Singur and before there was any approach by Gujarat to Ratan Tata for settling Nano in Gujarat, and as per Ganesha’s second articles dated 6th October 2008 when there were many states who were wooing Nano, Ratan Tata finally chose Gujarat as the KarmaBhoomi for Nano. Ganesha now studies the impacts of this on Modijee and Gujarat.

Chart of Nano Unveiling at Pragati Maidan

DOB – 10th January 2008

TOB – 10:00 AM

POB – New-delhi

Chart of Narendra Modi

DOB – 17th September 1950

TOB – 10:00 AM

POB – Mehsana

Chart of Gujarat

DOB – 1st May 1960

TOB – 00:00:00

POB – Ahmedabad (Gujarat)

Astro Analysis

Observe that the ascendant lord of Nano, i.e. Shani is in Simha, in all three horoscopes. The decision taken about Nano finally settling down in Gujarat happened when transiting Shani was in trine to Gujarat’s Shani who again is placed in the ascendant of Gujarat and was in conjunction with Modijee’s Shani.

As the article is about Nano’s influence of Modijee and Gujarat, we shall not deviate from any angle and try to stay on this very line.

Notice that Nano’s Saturn is in deep conjunction with Modi’s natal Sukra the lord of his ascendant and both these fall in Modijee’s eleventh house of laabh and gains. This leads to a thought that Nano will bring a lot of mileage to Modi and his reputation, he shall gain a lot and as Sukra is involved, he will gain a lot of good publicity. As the eleventh house is involved, it may be huge large scale reputation and gains as well as stamp him positively towards a capitalist CM. He may be able to bring more large scale production houses and projects to Gujarat.

Nano’s Shani falls in Gujarat’s bhagya, ninth house of bhagya and luck and is in trine to Gujarat’s ascendant, ascendant lord and Shani as well as in trine with Gujarat’s ninth house lord Surya. Notice how this is a combination of firey and airy planets Jupiter, Sun and Shani in Fire triplicity, which as such are the vital points of Gujarat’s horoscope. What does this mean? This means that there will be good developments for Gujarat due to Nano and one may expect more such large scale private investments. As such Gujarat is destined for these kinds, as Shani, the significator of industry is in conjcuntion with Guru in Gujarat’s ascendant itself. Notice how Gujarat has had, large petrochemical refineries, the engineering industry in Rajkot, the brass parts industry in Jamnagar, mining and wind power projects in Kutch and North Gujarat having stone quarries. All these are industries signified by Shani and Nano has Shani as its ascendant. It is thus natural that Nano itself shall progress in Gujarat and find a home here. This shall also open the gates for more industrial growth in Gujarat.

The car no doubt as a product is signified by Sukra, which again is in the triplicity in Gujarat’s horoscope, which again indicates that after the other industry of Sukra, textiles and diamonds, the car industry will also be centered in Gujarat, lead by Nano but actually brought in by Modi who himself has Sukra as his ascendant lord.

As per the cusp chart, Nano’s ascendant falls in Gujarat’s second house of wealth, prompting and suggesting good income for Gujarat out of Nano.

What Next

Nano’s Saturn is currently in applying conjunction aspect to Gujarat’s Rahu, indicating that it may still have some problems in settlings down, till September 2009, but as Nano, Modi and Gujarat have a sextile and trine ascendant relationship, the problems will be solved easily and softly. After September 2009, there is no stopping Nano’s firm establishment in Gujarat and no body shall be able to stop Modi’s reputation. In fact with this event, Modi will have the best reputation as the most proactive industry favouring politician, with a no holds approach.


Summary Ganesha finds that Nano, will have umpteen benefits for Gujarat, and only some for Modi. Ganesha finds that the Nano in Gujarat will bring a large scale second industrial revolution in Gujarat.

Wishing Nano, Modijee and Gujarat as well as India a Wholesome successful future.

Ganesha’s Grace

Rikhav Khimasia


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Love and Regards

Rikhav Khimasia

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