A few reasons why online astrology has been a failure

A few reasons why online astrology has been a failure

Since a decade or so we have seen a rise in online astrology and online sales of personalized astrology. Almost every portal has an astrology section offering daily or weekly or monthly horoscope readings for various Sun signs. Portals only on and for astrology have much more to offer than sun sign predictions. Some offer moon sign predictions for the day week, month or year, similarly for various Ascendants as well. There are combo portals which offer western and vedic astrology.

If you regularly visit a few portals on astrology, you will notice that most of them offer a lot for free. Right from free daily, weekly, monthly, yearly predictions for sun signs, moon signs, ascendants, free synastry, love compatibility, love matching, marriage compatibility, marriage matching, kundali matching, Guna Milap, Annual predictions, New Year predictions, birthday predictions, birth date predictions, planetary transit predictions, tarot predictions for the day, week, month, year, birth date, birthday,  and almost all categories and types as in horoscopy ones above, similarly these free and paid astrology portals offer free softwares and free online calculations as well as predictions, all in the race to get eye balls and visitors and to keep them engaged o their site. This free stuff also implores people to keep on visiting every so often. The eye ball race and repeated visitor profile ideology is in the hope that one day you will buy some or the other report from them, but in this race, these astrology portals and their managers have forgotten the human nature, till the time you or other websites are providing for free why would one want to buy from you.

Secondly, after the free content issue, comes the pricing of the paid content. If you notice most of the astrology portals charge a huge sum of money for their paid services, to set off the cost they have to bear to arrange all that free stuff to attract visitors and potential customers and the programming for the online automated reports and maintenance of the same. In this scenario, majority of the people usually prefer to look for a reasonably priced supplier and/or ask a local astrologer whom they can meet and discuss in person. With this point, too astrology portals seem to lose steam.

Thirdly, stale content is also a reason. Many of these astrology sites that I visit seem to offer the same content every year by just changing the syntax and getting it rewritten for a pittance from some college guy or a housewife, who do this in their free time for that extra buck and do not even know anything about astrology or planets.

It is evident that astrology portals are failing, because most of them have started selling remedial products and services like talismans, yantras, gems, I-Ching products and what not. This backfires too. In one way, if you are selling remedial products for career, why should I then ask you or place orders for career related astrology? Secondly as an astrology site, when you are selling such items, I fear that you will sell your items too by wording the report in a manner that I may be tempted to buy it or may be you will then send me mails selling your products based on the report I ordered.

In their bid to earn more, astrology sites increase the number of products and also the number of astrologers or specialists, this confuses the prospective client and frightens him/her off or prompts him/her to ask the first astrologer who comes up on the page or the first product/service/report.

Additionally, the marketing and selling that is done is so high pitched and fervent promising the earth, the moon and the sun with the heavens as an added bonus in the marketing newsletters and banners without the seller understanding what they are bidding and then with the quality of the report the customers start reducing with time.

There are other reasons too and the management changes that can be done, but this will come later on, when I am again in the mood to write and antagonize these astrology sites, though I myself offer my services on some of India’s premier astrology portals and had worked with one, in the immediate past.

Cheers and Happy New Year.

Rikhav Khimasia


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Love and Regards

Rikhav Khimasia

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